About us

About Us

The story of Nomme began from a desire to expand culinary horizons within a group of passionate foodies who were constantly on the hunt for the newest and most delicious experiences in Calgary. Being full of entrepreneurial sprit, ambition and cultivated tastes, the group at Meta-universe Technology Inc. launched the first generation Nomme app in January 2016 and immediately gained significant traction in the marketplace.

What sets Nomme apart from its competitors is our focus on being a local company.

A company that listens to its customers and partner restaurants to make sure everybody is happy, prosperous and full of great food. Continual feedback and satisfaction checks have been the foundation of the company from the very first day of its existence. And it’s a hallmark that has allowed Nomme to bring on enthusiastic new customers and partner restaurants, while still focusing on the great customer service that our clients demand.

Nomme is available in Calgary, Edmonton, and Richmond.